Just like you are growing and changing in your time of life, a simple fleeting moment is so important to remember.

From the old days of film to now.

I was raised on the Columbia River in Eastern Washington and spent my youth waterskiing and running barefoot through the hills by my home. In high school, my family moved to Las Vegas, and I bought my first camera.

I believed that anyone I photographed could be a model. Every friend was beautiful to me! The city life suited me and I explored the colorful streets of Las Vegas capturing the unique details and expecting my pictures to win awards. College life brought new adventures, a husband, Jared, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University (Go Wolverines)!

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My journey to creative freedom.

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I continued my love affair with photography and took a few classes at UVU. My photography professor told us to major in something other than photography because anyone could label themselves “as a great photographer.” 

My psychology degree has proved an asset to me as understand how to work best with children, teenagers, and those adorable men who hate being photographed. Over the years, my career has evolved into offering home decorating, organization, and renovation. In my spare time, I’m usually dreaming of the beach, watching my kids play sports, and eating salads/Dairy Queen Oreo ice cream cakes with my friends. and family!

A dream come true.


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